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The President's Corner

August is Membership and New Club Development Month
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Jerry Albert
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Dear Fellow Rotarians
Many of us have a habit of letting ourselves get a little out of physical shape from time to time. One day we wake up and promise ourselves to get back into better health through diet and/or exercise. We set a routine with all of the best intentions and dedication. We know this new regimen will work for us. The next step is to buy a new bike, or join a gym, or get the new diet supplement from Amazon, or buy new running sneakers. Now all we have to DO it!

Communities have shapes, too. Some communities are in better shape than others. Fortunately, we Benningtonians live in a town that is not in too bad a shape. It could be in better shape. We all know for a town to be in great shape, it needs community involvement of its citizens. It is not just one exercise that makes a town a better place to live. It takes volunteerism on a lot of fronts from a lot of people.

This is why you joined the Bennington Rotary. That is, you want to do your part to make your community a better place. To help get and keep your town in good shape. Also, if you can make the whole world a better place, than all the better. When you signed up you committed yourself to a meeting once a week and to volunteer on various committees and projects.

Now that Rotary International has relaxed attendance requirements, it is easier to let your commitment to your Club get out of shape. What I am asking you to do with this President's Column is to look at your Rotary membership and see if it is in good shape. We would love to see you every week, but can't you make at least one meeting this month? If you have been a little lax on your attendance, would you please shape up? Don't be an out of shape Rotarian.

Jerry Albert
Club President

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