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The President's Corner

June   is Rotary Fellowship Month
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Mike Nigro
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Dear Fellow Rotarians
When the club heard about my taking the role of president-elect a few years ago, I received quite a bit of good-natured joking. Did I pull the short straw? How did they trick me into that? In fact, I sometimes tell people that when Brian asked me if I would accept the position, I said I would not (and I'm still not sure how I ended up in the role!). However, in reality it has been a privilege, honor, and a great deal of fun to be the president of the Bennington Club over the past year.

I regret the many goals I had for the last year that I failed to achieve (if one could succeed merely on good intentions!). However, I believe there have been a number of positive developments over the past year. We have had more collaboration with the Catamount Club and have enjoyed sharing our monthly socials with them. With the Catamount Rotary, we had a great success in the Get to Know Rotary event (which had a strong turnout despite a snow storm). As part of Jerry's bell initiative, the first bell restoration was completed and a float participated in two parades to highlight this achievement.

Finally, I am excited about the many new members that have joined us this year. My greatest hope is that they come to feel as warmly towards this club as I do.

With Gratitude Mike Nigro
Club President

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