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Jerry Albert
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Dear Fellow Rotarians
What's in a name?

While reading the Rotarian magazine I came across an advertisement placed by the Rotary Club of Brunswick, Ohio. As a fundraiser their club sells 8' inflatable Rotary International logos. Since I like toys, I immediately thought that we should get one of those things. And I thought of all the places we could use such a fun thing. Rotarian Bill, out in Ohio, answered all of my questions and was instrumental in getting this 'thingy' to me.

So far our big logo has not disappointed. The first public showing was in the Bennington Battle Day parade. Of course we walked away with a trophy presented to us by the Fire Department. We put it up, just for drill, on my Main St. lawn. And of course, Rotarian Victor Verzar my neighbor across the street, got a visit from 'sponge bob square pants' (Victor's description of the logo).

We set the logo up at GarlicFest to announce the upcoming Rotary Round-up. It was in front of the Chamber of Commerce for a day. Many other site visits are planned before the October 6 Tag Sale.

Rotary Public Awareness Week is coming up (October 22-28). District 787 wants us to put up a Rotary banner in our downtown. President Jim Henry of the Catamount Club and I have discussed how we should respond to this, but we both agree that we have a good start if we display the 'inflatable.'

The only problem I am having is figuring out what to call this balloon when I am trying to describe the darn thing. Straight forward Kathy Sollien said to just call it a 'blow-up doll'. Being ever the gentleman, I'd be too shy to call it that. 'Square pants' makes no sense at all. Somebody better come up with a name for our big ol' logo because I think we will be using it a lot.

Jerry Albert
Club President

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