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The President's Corner

February   is World Awareness Month
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Vicki Wilson
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Dear Fellow Rotarians
If you've attended a meeting lately or read any of your emails from Mike Day, you can't help but have realized that we are coming up on our second fundraiser of the year. That's right, it's time to get excited about our annual Italian Night!

When I was a new Rotarian, this was the first event that I participated in that allowed me to really get involved and get to know my fellow Rotarians. While our weekly meetings are great and we have some awesome speakers, it is in working side by side with someone that you really get to know them. The dinner does take a lot of work to put together but as the old saying goes, "many hands make light work". If you are new to the Club, I would encourage you to sign up soon! We need members to find sponsors for our placemats, contributors to the auction and to sell tickets to the dinner in addition to working the night of the event so there is no lack of assignments.

The food that we have at Italian Night is phenomenal (no watery tomato sauce here!) and we have added the Rotary Auction which was a big hit last year and creates another income stream to the evening. What we now need from every Rotarian is for you to spread the word about what a great event this is! We have invested in yard signs and other signage but there is nothing like word of mouth promotion. Let's not be shy... this is a wonderful evening and we need to spread the word! If you need details, please reach out to me, Mike Day or Kathy Sollien!

Looking forward to seeing you at Italian Night!

Vicki Wilson
Club President

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