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The President's Corner

October   is Vocational Service Month
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Vicki Wilson
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Dear Fellow Rotarians
As you read this, we are on the eve of the inaugural Rotary Round Up Tag Sale/Auction joint fundraising event. One of the things about this event that I am most excited about is the opportunity to work on a fairly sizable project with the Catamount Rotary Club.

From brainstorming through the publicity and acquisition of donated items right through to the hard work of the actual event itself, our two clubs have worked closely and well together. In fact, one of the auction donations involves members from both clubs offering a package jointly; Bob Brower of our club (with wife Judie) donated five rose bushes which are going to be auctioned together with some professional landscaping services offered by Ed Smith of the Catamount Club. Members from both clubs have made yeoman efforts to pull off this event and no matter what the financial outcome, I do believe that it will be a success because we have strengthened our bond with the Catamount Club and its members.

Recently our club had discussed a possible merging with the Catamount Club and at that time I thought that it only made sense and why wouldn't we do that? Their club felt they wanted to hold on to their identity and so the merger didn't happen. Now I see that both of our clubs can retain our own individual "personalities" and still work together as a great team to accomplish great things for our community. Each club can have its particular area of focus in terms of local community service and then we can pull together for something larger in scope. I call that a win-win!

With Gratitude Vicki Wilson
Club President

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