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The President's Corner

December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
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Jerry Albert
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Dear Fellow Rotarians
Since my early days as a graduate from Fort Belvoir's Engineering School until time present I have been in the Air Conditioning Industry. That is a span of over 50 years. There is no question in anyone of my associates' minds that I love the heat transfer industry.

The reason why it is so spiritually rewarding is that there are always new experiences that go along with the job. The company, I founded and retired from, calls on me to consult on complicated projects from time to time. For instance, yesterday I was called in to help start up a special chiller used in a process that changes marijuana into a medical suave. First time that I was ever in a marijuana factory. And, NO, there were no free samples.

Whenever a new construction project is about to begin on an old building, the architect customarily calls the invited bidders in for a walk-thru. Today I accompanied our chief estimator for a walk-thru on the Putnam Project. We got to go into places of those buildings that have been closed up for years. I could not help but to feel that I was stepping back in time to when downtown Bennington was a vibrant place. And I could envision the grand things that will be coming once this project takes shape. Of course I had the prints for the planned mechanical equipment in my hand--so that helped.

Dean Hansen talked to me about Rotary getting involved in the Putnam Project. I agree. The time may not be here quite yet but we should be ready to lend our support to the development of this project. This will be the best thing to happen for Bennington in a long time. It is beyond the planning stages, it is under way.

Everyone have a safe, happy and Merry Christmas.
Jerry Albert
Club President

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