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The President's Corner

August   is Membership & Extensions Month
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Vicki Wilson
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Dear Fellow Rotarians
One of my goals for the year ahead is to try to identify a new signature fundraiser that we will be able to grow into the future. If we as a club want to continue to fund a minimum of four annual scholarships in addition to other community service projects, this will be critical. It is something that I would like to see every member be a part of in some way. Currently we have two events; the Italian Night in March which we have had for several years and the Rotary tag sale we are holding jointly with the Catamount Club for the first time on Columbus Day Weekend. We are still working out the details of the tag sale, but some of the ideas include having an auction during the last couple of hours of the event, possibly live music, food cart, etc.

A large part of the success of both of these events lies with the publicity we can generate. I have heard from numerous sources how enjoyable our Italian Night is and how great the food is. I agree! We just added the Silent Auction piece and I think that can grow into something that will draw more folks to the dinner as well. Our club has worked hard to make Italian Night a success and now we need to get the word out on the street in a big way. The same will be true of the tag sale. I believe we need to invest our time and possibly some of our funds into promoting ourselves and our events so that we can make the kind of positive impact on our community that Rotary is known for. I welcome your ideas on ways we can promote our club and our fundraising events!

With Gratitude Vicki Wilson
Club President

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