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Our Rotary Club Leadership

June   is Rotary Fellowship Month
every rotarian every year

bennington rotary club, bennington vermont

Our Club Board

Mike Nigro, President
Vicki Wilson, President Elect
Brian Maroney, Past President
Mary Rogers, Secretary
Kathy Sollien, Treasurer
Jerry Albert, Club Service
Sally Sugarman, Community Service
Betsy Gunn, International Chair
Catherine McClure, Youth Services

The Board of the Bennington Rotary Club starts work on July 1st with the usual mixture of new and old Board members. They will be forming committees to do what needs doing within the community as Rotarians maintain their mission of Service Above Self.

Membership continues to be important and Rotarians will want to invite people in the community to join who subscribe to the principals of the Four Way Test.

There is a Club Assembly at the end of June and at that time the Board Members will probably outline some of their goals for the coming year. The new District Governor will also be visiting the club within the next few months.

Current Board of Directors

Mike Nigro

Member Bio. - Coming Soon!

President Elect
Vicki Wilson

Member Bio. - Coming Soon!

Past President
Brian Maroney

Brian is the Business Account Manager for the Bennington Creative Workforce Solutions team. The CWS team is comprised of multiple state and partner agencies engaged in finding succesful pre-screened matches between employers and job candidates. Brians role is to work with employers to help best meet their complete staffing needs though the CWS network.

Brian lives in Bennington with his Wife Tracy and their children. A lifelong Bennington resident, Brian has been a member of the Bennington Fire Department for over sixteen years and is currently captain of the Department.

Mary Rogers

Mary grew up in Wilmington Delaware, which was bigger than Bennington, and close to Philadelphia. She went to the University of Delaware as an undergraduate and did graduate work at Virginia Poly Tech which was completed at the University of Delaware.

Mary and her second husband, Mark, have been married for eight years. They built their home on Matt Drive in North Bennington. seven years ago. Mary has a son, Philip, from her first marriage

Mary's passions are gardening and running. She is starting to get into Yoga. She was an avid reader and is starting again, enjoying histories.

Mary joined Rotary because she wanted to be involved in the town that she considers the best in the country. Her primary goal is to get to know who is who and what are the issues and what are the needs and what can be done to help people.

Although Mary feels you shouldn't bite off more than you can chew, she has many good ideas for service above self in terms of both the young and older people. We look forward to working with her on some of these ideas.

Kathy Sollien

Kathy is a native of Texas who relocated to Bennington with her husband Alan in 1990 and has never looked back. Staying active in her community by way of Rotary; the Better Bennington Corp and the Chamber of Commerce has kept her busy and in the middle of what is happening in Bennington. She is a Real Estate Broker and co owner of RE/MAX Maple Leaf Realty.

Club Service
Jerry Albert

Jerry has worked in the heat transfer industry for 45 years. He is a graduate of the US Army Engineers School, Ft. Belvoir, Va, and has a degree in Industrial Technology from CCV. He is a certified member of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society and a professional member of HVAC.COM.

He has handed control of Bennington Cooling and Heating, a company he founded in 1979, over to his son Richard. Jerry is still an advisor to that company. The Vermont licenses he holds are for electrical, plumbing, propane and oil. Also he is certified by the EPA for refrigerant usage.

Mary Lou, his wife and he have been married for 42 years and have resided on Main Street since 1980. They are parents of 4 children. Jerry has served as the Club's Sergeant-at Arms and is a Paul Harris Fellow.

Community Service
Sally Sugarman

Sally joined Rotary in 1988. She was President of the Club, 2002-2003 and Chair of the District Four Way Test Speech Contest 2005-2007. She was Assistant Governor from from 2007 -2010. Currently, she is the editor of the club's newsletter, The Windmill and a member of the Public Relations and History committees. She is a Paul Harris fellow. Sally is emerita faculty from Bennington College where she taught Childhood Studies for thirty-five years.

International Chair
Betsy Gunn

A former teacher; Betsy is responsible for developing and implementing the four major components for the Head Start Program: health; education; social services, and parent development. Her additional duties include budget development; local and statewide community networking on early childhood programs; and supervision of The UCS Infant Toddler Center and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bennington County.

Youth Services
Catherine McClure

Cathy was the first generation in her family to go right to college from high school. She was on the edge of the woman’s movement. She went to Hood College and then to Antioch Putney for her Master’s degree. She went to the Harvard Graduate School of Education for a Certificate of Advanced Study.

She entered adminstration because a principal pointed out to her that she saw a bigger picture than just her classroom. She was a Federal Project administrator; a principal and Assistant Superintendent and then a Superintendent. She had retired before she came to Vermont; but she couldn’t stay retired and is now Superintendent. Her goals in her new role are to improve student achievement and communication between the principals and directors; SVU school boards and with the teachers and the community.

Cathy resides in Bennington.

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